About Us


Times past

There was a time when technology had its value and was guarded closely. There was a time when products made only by large corporations in the West worked. That was a time when products were in demand and supply was scarce. The large corporations made fabulous products, but they also came with a fabulous price tag. Automation products were priced so high that it was out of reach to many SMEs and companies in the 3rd world.
That time is long gone ..

The Era of Mass Manufacturing

We have now reached an era where electronic products have generally become reliable thanks to mass manufacturing and automated assembly processes.
Take the consumer technology industry for example; technology leaders like Thomson, Grundig and Ericsson have disappeared in the face of competition from nimbler Asian rivals with better products are competitive prices.
The same can be said for the Industrial Automation industry. Many of today's large brands charge huge premiums on even the simplest of their products like proximity sensors. Yes, everyone is in agreement that they produce better products and have a better quality control. Okay, then the product can be 2-3 times more expensive than the local product, why 10 times.
Many large companies have multiple models with the same product and price it at different levels to for different markets. Now that is not a fair business practice. Moreover the emerging Asian economies have become manufacturing powerhouses with one single factory producing products for multiple brands.
The design of most of our Industrial Automation products have been standardized long back and are now mass produced by these nameless factories and branded for everyone.

The Idea behind Inno

Most Industrial Automation products are mass manufactured by a few companies in the world and branded by the rest. Of course as always there will be companies that make low cost imitations that look good but will not perform. This has been the main reason why customers feel that it is better to pay a ransom to a known brand than risk it with an unknown brand.
The trick is to find and link up the right sources and provide a fresh platform for producers and consumers.
Cheapest is not always the best nor is the most expensive. "RIGHT PRODUCT AT THE RIGHT PRICE" this is the idea and the goal behind Inno.

About us

Inno is a small, young company and proudly so. We are open, transparent and highly customer focused.
Inno was formed by a group of enterprising individuals from Singapore, Taiwan, China and India with decades of experience in the Industrial Automation field, they come from various fields - sales, marketing, distribution, product development and sourcing. With our vast experience in large companies we had the information and knowledge of what was available where. We had the complete know how in sourcing.
We admit that we do not have any large manufacturing facility, but we can definitely say that our products are made by the same company that produces for some of the leading names in the Automation Industry.
Our products are made in China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan & USA by reputed manufacturers with strict Quality Control by our Staff.

Responsive Sales Team

Being a small company we have the freedom to stay nimble. Our sales team and our distribution channels have access to our ERP allowing them to place orders and track deliveries easily.Our sales team can place a direct request to the factories requesting them to expedite deliveries in case of urgencies.
We also produce private labels and products customized for the customer with a competitive price and a low lead time.

Our Guarantee says it all

Our confidence in our products are so good that we offer 2 years warranty as standard of most of our products. Also our "REPLACE FIRST" policy ensures that the customer gets a replacement product at the earliest while his product is being serviced, this initiative is an industry first taking into account the pains suffered by the customers while their product is away for repairs.