Warranty Policy

Inno Automation India Pvt. Ltd. is committed to Customer Satisfaction.

This is our mission

Inno will continuously maintain and improve its products and services to satisfy the needs of its customers. Our aim is to strive for excellence in all our efforts. The commitment and participation of all our employees are vital to our Success.
In our total commitment to quality, the management of Inno will provide the allocation of resources and training of personnel necessary to produce products and services which will satisfy our customers.

This is our Quality Standard

Inno’s Quality Management System complies with requirements of IEC and is certified as complying with the International Standards Organization Standard: ISO 9001.

Inspection Service

Before sending your unit for inspection, we recommend you read the troubleshooting section in your instruction manual. This section describes error indicators and common troubleshooting tips that may assist you in using your unit.
For troubleshooting assistance or the service address please contact our channel partner. Our representatives are trained to provide you assistance over the phone and may be able to resolve your problem without sending the unit for inspection. For the best possible assistance please have your unit available when calling us.

Listed below is general information for all units requiring inspection service:

For warranty information refer to the instruction manual provided with your unit.
If the product is under warranty and if the product is a standard running item in you’re channel partner’s territory. Then the channel partner will provide you with a replacement unit for the duration of the inspection service.
The replacement unit is to be returner upon warranty replacement/ claim rejection.
If the item is not a standard product in the said territory, then we shall strive to give an equivalent product of the same functionality to reduce the inconvenience caused.
Ship the unit prepaid. Insure the package. You assume the risk of loss or damage during shipment.
Return the unit with all of the component pieces.
For warranty service enclose the proof of purchase. The proof of purchase is your purchase receipt with the date of purchase.
Furnish the following document along with the product being sent for inspection

Model Number:

A brief description of the service request or explanation of the problem you are experiencing with your unit.
Inspection time and filing of report shall take no more than 48 working hours from the date of receipt of material.
In-warranty Service shall be completed within 8 working hours if replacement parts are available. Else in-warranty service shall be closed within a span of 6 weeks or the product shall be replaced on free of cost basis.