Advanced HMIs

Inno's Advanced HMIs are for complex and demanding Industrial Applications where the customer needs much more than a simple Operator Terminal. Based on Windows CE Inno HMIs offer advanced functionalities like Data logging, Remote Viewer, Remote Data Logger, SD Card, Pen Drive Support, Keyboard, Mouse, Printer Support, C Macro Support, Multi pen Graphs, SCADA like animated icons and functionality with Symbol Factory, advanced connectivity options with Modbus, Devicenet, Profibus, EtherCAT and Ethernet IP. Available in 4.3", 7", 10", 15" versions. Built-in Drivers for most major PLC brands

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    Advanced Microsoft WinCE based HMI with simple and robust design. High resolution TFT LCD panel with LED backlight.Featured with Multiple COM ports,ARM Processor,Splash Proof and Resistive Touch Screen Advanced Microsoft WinCE based HMI with simple and...